IndigoSun and Broccoli Samurai at Tonic Room

11.18.11 | Broccoli Samurai, IndigoSun, RamZ

11.18.11 IndigoSun and Broccoli Samurai at Tonic Room-8

This was quite an interesting night of music that ended up being impressive at every turn. On the one hand, there was IndigoSun, a band I’ve seen as many times as any this year and I’ve been able to watch them evolve & mature to an incredible degree. Then on the other hand, there was Broccoil Samurai, a band I’d never heard a note from previously but who was equally exciting and demonstrated a tightness that blew me away. I left the Tonic Room–my first experience there–with a belly full of body moving jamtronica. Just the way I like it.

11.18.11 IndigoSun and Broccoli Samurai at Tonic Room

11.18.11 IndigoSun and Broccoli Samurai at Tonic Room-5

The night opened with RamZ warming up the room with his trademark hip hop infused electronic mix-up style. No matter which project he’s with, Ramsey always brings the heat. The room filled up nicely through his set, and by the time Indigo was ready to start, the small dancefloor will packed with smiling faces. It’s hard not to smile during an IndigoSun set, they just play feelgood music. They have found the perfect blend of jam and electronic goodness, and somehow manage to put it all together so smoothly. That’s the word I’m always left with after seeing Indigo: smooth.

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Indigo has this style that feels so chill & downtempo, but in reality is built on Steve Florian’s amazingly snappy drumming; Florian is definitely one of the best drummers I get to see on a regular basis. The juxtaposition of textures gets blended so well, especially with Lucas Ellman back solidly in the fold on sax/EWI, that the entire package comes out polished like a gemstone. They worked some new material in (which will be on their upcoming album which is due in February, I believe) amongst many staples, the most outstanding of which was the final song, “Welcome Home,” which got the added bonus of a “Final Countdown” jam. It was stellar, sending us off to Broccoli Samurai on a massive peak.

11.18.11 IndigoSun and Broccoli Samurai at Tonic Room-35

11.18.11 IndigoSun and Broccoli Samurai at Tonic Room-44

I had no idea what to expect from Broccoli Samurai, but I knew that if Indigo felt strongly enough about them to bring them from Cleveland, they had to be good. And they absolutely were. They took the energy left from “Welcome Final Countdown Home” and jumped straight up from there. These guys were like some mutated blend of Lotus and STS9, with the wandering, exploratory feel of Lotus and the dense & rich sound of Tribe. These guys kept the pedal to the metal, unleashing a set full of pulse-pounding, dancefloor shredding jam. This was definitely one of the most unexpected bouts of rage I’ve felt in a while; I just didn’t think they were going to be that powerful. It’s not often that I leave a show feeling this excited about a new band, but Broccoli Samurai brought the dank shit, and made me add another regional jamband to my list of ‘must see’ bands.

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