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Stream a Phish “Plinko Phunk” Mixtape

Phish Night 1 plus After-Party with Zoogma and Michal Menert-20

It’s rare to find some Phish that we can actually post here. So consider us stoked to find that a Soundcloud user named HoodRanger that has done all the dirty work of compiling a mix of some of Phish’s best “Plinko Funk” from over the course of 2011. This has become one of those signature periods of instrumental themes and is the most recent such instance (it’s analogous to the “cow funk” period of 1997). This mix is almost 90 minutes of of Plinko goodness and with smooth transitions & a chilled mindspace, it makes it an awesome soundtrack for getting into a productive zone.

“Phish Rebuilds America, One plinko jam at a time.”

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