My Boy Elroy drops Glowstick Cilantro Vol. 1.5


Chicago’s own My Boy Elroy (Digital Tape Machine, 5star, Liquid Soul) just released a brand new mixtape in his Glowstick Cilantro series. He knows a thing or two about deep & funky house mixes as Salud Tequila Lounge‘s resident Thursday night DJ for the past three years. This is another hour-plus blend of uptempo house music. Definitely not jackin’, but not too deep either with a ton of great vocal tracks. This one’s a lot of fun.

“This next volume of Glowstick Cilantro reflects on the funky, disco side of deep house music. Giving love to local legends and family such as Mark Grant, Derrick Carter, and many other pinnacles of house music as we know it today such as Inland Knights, Atjazz, Ross Couch, Wattie Green, Giano, and Black Joy, I hope you enjoy and share this spanking new edition of Glowstick Cilantro Vol.2 (Deep Funk) with the ones you love, and love to dance. Have a great summer and stay tuned for Vol.3 next month!”
-My Boy Elroy

Track Listing:
1. Weapon of Choice (Atjazz Vocal) – Atjazz
2. Get Your Music (Scott Diaz Freakin Music Mix) – Scott Diaz
3. Move If You’re Feelin It – Ross Couch
4. Disco Dancer (Real Time Hand Motion – Giano
5. Defected In The House (Mark Grants’ Blackstone Remix) – Wookie feat. Lain
6. Domesticated feat. Derrick Carter (D’s Deep Domestic Dub) – Home and Garden
7. Fly Away (Original) – Wattie Green
8. Do It Again – Inland Knights
9. Thinking About You (Ross Couch Remix) – Raoul Kahn
10. Soul Train – Rubix
11. The Cookin’ In Brooklyn (Hey Gurl) – Emil Lanne
12. Rockin’ In Rio – Ross Couch
13. Untitled (Solid Groove Remix) – Black Joy
14. Music So Hot – Rob Threezy

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