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Stream or Download and Album Review: Future Rock- “One Day” EP

released 10 July 2012
Tranzmission, Reaching New Heitz and Tremble written by Mickey Kellerman and Future Rock.
One Day written by Mickey Kellerman, Future Rock and Panic Bomber.
One Day vocals performed by Panic Bomber.
Midnight Madness written by Edmund John Simons and Thomas Owen Rowlands.
FM1000 written by Felix Moreno and Future Rock.
Produced by Future Rock, Dave Najarian and Leif Moravy.
FM1000 (Thibault Remix) produced by Thibault.
Mixed and Engineered by Leif Moravy.
Mastered by Stas Marnyanski.

Releasing music in 2012 is a whole new ball game. For starters, almost everything is being released for free. And whether or not it comes in a beautiful, downloadable, embeddable form like Future Rock‘s new One Day EP (their first release after being added to 1320 Records), it’s bound to show up on Spotify or Mog soon enough. Music is moving as quickly & freely as ever, which is making the current climate ripe for releasing multiple EPs per year — especially in the world of electronic music. Just about any EDM artist or band you’ve seen at a festival this year has released some sort of mini-album, a little slice of their mind at this moment in time. Which is a really cool thing as far as we’re concerned. Instead of waiting a long time for a huge album, we get smaller packages of music that represent a very finite period of inspiration, allowing the fan to get an even better feel for the evolution of an artist/band.

With this EP, Future Rock has offered up not only their most diverse release to date, but they sprinkled in a couple of fan friendly bonuses that makes this feel more like an EP-plus. Naturally , there are a couple of songs that feel perfectly at home in their catalogue. “Tranzmission” and “Midnight Madness” are new tracks that have that classic Future Rock energy — just a hard-driving hum of swollen electro-rock. But they reached back a bit when they decided to release an album cut of “Reaching New Heitz.” It’s such a great move for a band to record songs that have been in the live shows for a while, and this song sounds fantastic in the studio approach.

And then there’s the stuff that makes this EP feel different than most. There are two tracks that really push the envelope of their sound — one far more than the other. “Tremble” goes in a strong lean towards a trance sound, feeling less explosive than most of their material while bringing a newfound finesse. But then there’s the title track, “One Day,” that goes somewhere Future Rock has never gone before. They brought back the vocal approach (similar to Michael Harrison Berg’s cameo in “Nights” on their previous EP) with a guest appearance from Panic Bomber, but this song is nothing like “Nights.” This time they played around with a hipster pop theme, delivering a track that truly stands alone in their catalogue. “One Day” is much softer around the edges than just about anything they’ve done before, so to counter that, they included a remix of “FM1000″ from Thibault that ends the EP on a snarling electro banger. We love everything about Auto Body (Future Rock bassist Felix Moreno’s side project with Thibault), so it’s awesome to hear Thibault’s refreshing interpretation of this classic FR track. All told, this is one seriously electrifying release, easily one of the best EPs we’ve come across in 2012. Future Rock is a cornerstone of our music scene in Chicago and they seem to just keep getting better; we’re lucky to have these guys play in Chicago more than anywhere else.

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Jeremy Frazier is the editor-in-chief of Soundfuse.