Preview: Nadis Warriors, IndigoSun, and Genome at Tonic Room on August 18th

For the first time this year (and maybe ever?) Nadis Warriors are bringing their psychedelic jamtronic sounds to Chicago. To The Tonic Room to be exact, one of this city’s most intimate live music settings. And coming with them are two of Chicago’s best young bands: IndigoSun and Genome. You’ve heard me gush plenty about Indigo, but Genome is relatively new, and they’ve really impressed both times I’ve seen them. You know, looking at the landscape of music in Chicago, I can’t think of two better bands to open for Nadis Warriors. This bill is expertly crafted, a night guaranteed to be full of dancing and mind alteration.. This one’s gonna be fun.

$8 Advance
$10 Day of Show
Doors 8pm, Show at 9pm


Nadis Warriors



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