Preview: Russian Circles, Chelsea Wolfe, and Marriages at Lincoln Hall on August 23rd

If you aren’t familiar with the independent label Sargent House you’ve been missing out on a most eccentric collection of music. Their artist roster is stocked top to bottom with smart & distinctive bands that range from folk to metal and every weird thing in between. The man looming at the top of the roster, Omar Rodriquez Lopez (The Mars Volta), lends a noticeable luster (and hints at the weirdness of the whole team). But the true beauty of Sargent House is their depth. As long as you’ve got a yen for discovering strange, new music it’s just one amazing band after another as you flip through their Bandcamp page, where every album from the label is available for purchase or free stream. The diversity is remarkable.

That diversity is on full display when three of Sargent House’s bands comes to Lincoln Hall this Thursday, August 23rd. The show is led by Chicago’s own instru-metal artisans Russian Circles, with two rising acts opening the night. The last time I saw Russian Circles ended up being one of my favorite shows of 2011, so you know they are serious business. Chelsea Wolfe has been making waves with her terrifying experimental folk music, while Marriages is a two-piece post-rock group with a keen sense for weird ether. This bill is an excursion through three completely different peculiar & powerful aural soundscapes.

August 23rd, 2012 at Lincoln Hall

Show at 9:00, 18+



Russian Circles

(The most recent album.)

 (Their first album.)

Chelsea Wolfe


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