Festival Preview: Hyperion Music & Arts Festival

The time has come for the final festival rage of 2012… Hyperion Music & Arts Festival! If you’re a fan of live music in the Midwest (which I’m sure you are), you’ve almost certainly been exposed to the brilliance Herm Productions, even if you don’t know it. You see, these guys have directed the lighting for numerous regional and national bands/artists, an expansive spectrum of jam, electronic, and roots music. Either Herm or Nixon have been behind the table at some point for nearly every band on this lineup, and many others not on the lineup, for that matter. Simply put, these guys are light design wizards, a true jackpot for Midwestern music lovers. What they do night in and night out with light design is remarkable, so there’s no doubt that their vision will translate beautifully to a festival.

Not only have they put together a stellar lineup of Midwestern bands — a who’s who, really — but they’ve put a focus on live art like few festivals ever have. There’s really no telling how the combination of music, live art, live performance art, and insane lighting design will play out. But one thing is for certain: Stable Studios is a beautiful location that is ideal for something like this to take on magical status. I am extremely excited to see how this all comes together. One way or another, it’s going to be an amazing weekend. And, thanks to the two day format, we get Sunday to relax & recuperate — always an appreciated strategy.


A few IMPORTANT reminders from HYPERION:

-Weekend and Pre-Party tickets can be purchased at the gate for an additional fee.
-Tickets are $55 at the gate.
-Single day passes WILL NOT be available.
-Children 10 and under are free with purchase of adult ticket.
-Those without a parking ticket will park off-site and walk or ride a shuttle to the venue.
-Off-site parking will cost $5 at the lot.
-$40 pre-sales end tomorrow (9/12) at NOON.
-DO NOT bring glass to Hyperion. We will confiscate it at the gate. Plan ahead and choose cans or plastic.
– Guests should enter the festival from the north side. (46 to Dubois Road, not south via 246)
– Bring an ID to pick up your wristband.
– The gate will accept cash only, however, there WILL be an ATM available inside the festival.
– There is a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for both nitrous tanks and unauthorized vending. We won’t warn you, we will simply confiscate your stuff.

Papadosio – Future Rock
The Ragbirds – The Twin Cats

Ultraviolet Hippopotamus – Strange Arrangement
The Coop – Eumatik – Skeetones – The New Old Cavalry – Midwest Hype
IndigoSun – The Main Squeeze – Cosby Sweater – Jaik Willis – Soap
P.E.M.G. – Fresh Hops – Embryonic Fluid – Flatland Harmony Experiment
MC Sparkplug – The Mundies – Elephant Quiz – Shaggy Wonda
Kaleidoscope Jukebox – My Boy Elroy – Mutiny – JFet
Shy Guy Says – Bad Dagger – Glostik Willy – Covert – The Phoenix Down (formerly Namaste)
Derick Howard – Stuttering Ducks – Tonal Caravan – Mikial Robertson
Megan Maudlin – Infinite Geometry – Moser Wood

Andy Reed – Tom Reed – Buddha Bones – D-Find Art – Pineal Paradise
Rae Vena – Wake Leah Lady – Over Yarnder’s Sherri Cline – Meerk
Julie Young – Hummingbird Moon – Nicholas Love
Jeremy Lombardo – Andrew Thompson

Lacore Valmon Circus
Cosmic FLOWers – Carli Astell

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Jeremy Frazier is the editor-in-chief of Soundfuse.