Healthy Joints With Glucosamine For Dogs With Chondroitin

Glucosamine could assist arthritis sufferers. The number of individuals suffering with osteoarthritis is growing as our population ages. Glucosamine supplements have turn into well-known in recent years as a treatment for osteoarthritis. Glucosamine is classed as a nutritional supplement rather than herbal medication. As stated above, there are much less probably to be any side effects from taking it. Even though it is typically regarded to be safe, there are a handful of points to be conscious of; Glucosamine is normally not recommended for diabetics, as it is a carbohydrate and can cause fluctuations in insulin levels.

shopping.hp.comSufferers have the chance to get the benefits of the two components of the supplement in one particular. Glucosamine Chondroitin is quite useful in preserving healthful joints and connective tissues. Hence, it is mainly prescribed to those with arthritis, folks experiencing joint pain or similar wellness issues. Bromelain is a plant enzyme and operates synergistically with glucosamine in the same manner as it does when employed as a meat tenderizer. Bromelain breaks up the large molecules of glucosamine into smaller, much more very easily absorbed, molecules. These smaller molecules can then enter the cartilage and joints far more simply, assisting to relieve discomfort and rebuild cartilage.

Even so, physique’s natural capacity to produce glucosamine reduces with expanding age due to shortage of the enzyme glucosamine syntheses. Glucosamine, usually glucosamine sulfate, is mostly utilized in the treatment of osteoarthritis, a group of illnesses typically triggered by the damage or loss of cartilage. In osteoarthritis, the cartilage of joints loses elasticity and becomes stiff, which in turn causes pain, inflammation, tenderness, creaking and locking of joints. While they are aging, cartilage also gets weaker and progressively wears out. Humans and dogs have each all-natural glucosamine in them. Glucosamine For Dogs With Chondroitin is a supplement that would sustain a healthy joint for dogs.

It will take, commonly, 4 or possibly six weeks just before receiving benefits. Glucosamine is not just a discomfort killer, it truly fixes broken cartilage for your dogs to have healthier joints. Glucosamine For Dogs With Chondroitin has been proven to be secure because it is an all-natural supplement and therapy.

This can contain impaired cognitive performance, suppressed thyroid function, blood sugar imbalances such as hyperglycaemia, decreased bone density, lower in muscle tissue, higher blood stress, lowered immunity and inflammatory responses in the body, therefore lowering the discomfort threshold. This pain can lead to sleep troubles, which can also lead to much more discomfort. Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia is by far the most complex and misunderstood situation related with chronic discomfort. When an individual suffers from osteoarthritis, especially of the knees they are often prescribed glucosamine supplements. Glucosamine is believed to help mend damaged cartilage that induces the osteoarthritis. Glucosamine will also aid reduce the advancement of osteoarthritis.

As stated earlier, the body produces it from glucose and the amino acid glutamine. Glucose is freely available in the typical human diet program, and normally a deficiency is unlikely. Nevertheless, where it is believed that a supplement is needed, then it is most likely best taken as element of a balanced combined glyconutrient supplement in which the eight crucial sugars are available in the proportion that would usually be essential.

A lady would not waver to try anything just to look young and beautiful. In reality, about each and every a single of us desires to appear young all the way by way of his/ her life. Nonetheless, time is relentless and you be inclined to get older every single year. Glucosamine taken with meals can help steer clear of stomach difficulties. Glucosamine side effects like headache or nausea are generally skilled by individuals who take it frequently. Be wary of statements claiming to remedy ailments.

It is utilized in the formation and repair of cartilage. The chondroitin is accountable for the resiliency of the cartilage. It promotes water retention utilized for elasticity. Yet another supplement acquainted with treat osteo-joint illness that has studies showing its results in the combat cancer is chondroitin. It is a cartilage component that is pointed out to promote bloated tummy, elasticity and to hinder the enzymes that are acknowledged to interrupt down cartilage. There is still much study to pay a visit to but both supplements have excellent great approaches to turn into useful in stopping cancer.

This indicates it is sold with restricted or no study. It is a item that can not be patented. This leaves little incentive for the massive pharmaceutical companies to want to study, market and sell this solution. As age advances, the level of glucosamine in the body decreases, major to several problems that may possibly outcome in inflammation of joints and/ or severe discomfort. To shore up these depleting reserves, several well being practitioners advise that the elderly commence taking glucosamine in the type of nutritional supplements to regular diet. How is Glucosamine Produced?

The dosage depends upon the weight of each and every person. An overdose can lead to severe side effects. Side Effects of Glucosamine Sulfate The primary side effect is observed on the gastrointestinal tract of the particular person consuming glucosamine sulfate. Most causes of cancer that stem from exterior cancer resulting in cancer major to cancer causing carcinogens are chemicals for instance infections, radiation. In most cases, glucosamine supplements are protected, and effective implies of treating arthritis. Wonders Of Glucosamine Chondroitin Glucosamine Chondroitin is a mixture of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate.

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Due to the fact glucosamine is slow acting, it requirements to be taken day-to-day for at least a month ahead of any results will be noticed. Other studies have shown that glucosamine has small if any benefit. This is possibly due to the kind of glucosamine supplement employed. This episode is generally associated with aging. As you get older, your physique’s potential to preserve very good cartilage wellness could be impaired. If you fail to address the dilemma now, then you are courting a much more significant disorder later.

For a dog weighing above 75 lbs, four tablets can be prescribed. Initially, the dog may be given a larger dose and then the dose might be reduced as the condition improves. Make sure to check the ingredients of the product and obtain the superior good quality one. Even though there is currently mixed clinical research/results for the joint care rewards, it would seem there is some analysis showing that it aids once again with inflammation. My guidance is basically to attempt them to see if they have any advantages to you. If they do brilliant, hopefully they will give you a new lease of life from becoming able to decrease and enhance joint pain.

Other Uses for Glucosamine Glucosamine is used for rheumatoid arthritis, chronic venous insufficiency, skin issues and bowel illness or Crohn’s disease. An estimated 27 million adults in the United States reside with Joint discomfort-the most frequent variety of arthritis. It also known as degenerative joint disease, is caused by the breakdown of cartilage, which is the connective tissue that cushions the ends of bones inside the joint.

Which Lawn Mower Ought to I Obtain?

walmart online shipping coupon codesThe electrical garden vacs have a tendency to be much less powerfull but are also lighter and far more manouverable. Whilst the petrol vacs have a tendency towards power which of course comes with an added weight. Covers This is employed to protect from sun harm, dust, rain and tree sap. This has an elastic shock cord in the bottom hem for a quickly and custom-like match. Petrol or Electric If you make a decision its a tool you don’t want to live without having then the subsequent choice is do you go for a petrol model or an electric 1. Its a relatively easy choice to make really based on your garden size. Jacks are utilized to supply replacement belts of varying sizes. Wayne Rooney leads the attack and will obtain a lot of assistance from the midfield. Some of these are listed beneath. These incorporate: Anti-slip tape that is self adhesive and black color Hitch pin assembly Clutch key Straight key stock Grass catcher assembly that is zinc plated and effortless to install and straightforward to empty Chipper or Shredder bag has a universal style and drawstring with handy slide lock Deluxe wheel height adjuster has positive locking, mounting bolts and plates to adjust in a lot of housings Blades and Tires The tires are of various types like bar tread tires, ribbed tires, slick tires and turf tires.

Then all you need to do is empty it when it becomes complete. In basic, with lawn cutting, you get out what you place in. Something also powerful or bulky will tire you out quickly. The selection among electric and petrol powered mowers comes down to the idiosyncrasies of your garden. Comfort: Appear out for shoulder straps which will make it less complicated to carry the unit about. Some models have a ‘cruise control’ variety setting on the trigger which signifies you don’t need to have to constantly hold the trigger down to activate the vacuum.

Petrol vacs are considerably powerfull most boasting a motor strength of amongst 20 and 30 cc, the identical stregnth as a moped. This offers a massive blowing energy well beyond that of an electric blower. This approach is propelled by the motor and for that reason the strength of the blower is dependant on the size and energy of the motor. The motor spins pulling in air from the outside and forcing it out in a focussed direction, this provides the blowing power. Choosing a Lawn Mower depends quite heavily on the situation and size of your lawn. A Petrol type Lawn Mower will give you the freedom to very easily deal with a bigger lawn, although the ever common Flymo Mowers do not give the very best finish on rougher surfaces.

The Walk Behinds can be described as Mulching kits of size 22 inches. Battery Components The Battery charger can charge all 12 volt batteries in walk-behind mowers. It covers the mower and attached catcher on rear discharge mowers. There is a huge range of garden vacs on the market place. As well as a 3000 watt motor to vacuum up even the most tough to shift garden debris. This particular model also avoids a frequent complaint of electrical vacs, that the bag always fills up really quickly.

When you are finding for homebase voucher code then a best place to find that is homebase voucher code at you might save some cash Lawn Rollers And Other Lawn Care Items There is also a trickle battery charger. Miscellaneous Parts Excluding some of the main parts described above, there are other petty components that serve useful in the operating of the lawn mower.

Successful Online Sales Start With Excellent Realty Listings

real estate saleOn a positive note, rental fee costs have steeply risen on deluxe residences. Several high-end Los Angeleshome proprietors have actually opted to rent their house till the marketplace changes, to a factor of being able to cost a revenue. Let’s view just what this market carries out the near future, it’s an exciting time in realty. Buyers are buying reduced and also vendors are getting a lot more confident for the recoiling market.

Establish where you are right now when it involves listings, customers, market share, as well as understanding. If you have any sort of shortcomings with these things, then the spaces should be loadeded with better procedures and or understanding. Practice in our market is a good idea. That is technique in prospecting, throwing, listing, and also negotiating.

Though a person can not assure to make the encounter utterly pain-free, a skilled Real Estate expert will certainly help immensely with the treatment when it concern regional building idea along with their specific abilities in collaborating with the offer and all its specifics.

In order to have access to a complete San Diego MLS, you will have to check out a neighborhood real estate professional who has membership in one. Varying kinds of reports are offered. A consumer copy is basically the very same restricted info that you could acquire as a personal citizen executing an internet search. Ask instead for a thorough duplicate. If you supply your e-mail address, then upgraded listings will certainly be sent to you via the real estate professional’s workplace.

After you have the inspection finished, if you really feel our home is a winner, strike a deal. Discover a broker that is experienced and also dependable. Even if you have to pay even more for their solutions, the cash they could possibly save you by negotiating a price will certainly deserve it.

The Findire website is an online building search portal having residential property listings skillet topographical places. The website offers you a best understanding of homes all round the globe. Whether you wish to market your building, the Findire advertising and marketing portals make an excellent platform to showcase your building listing. Whether you are wanting to buy a residence for living in or whether are seeking to merely purchase realty, you will certainly have to acquire real estate agency as the initial point. The Findire site aids you get all things done at one area.

A pad and a pen are crucial. Start creating down all the many things you call for Real Estate Buyers in your brand-new home. Categorize all the demands and wants and also make a couple of duplicates. Now, each time you visit residences for sale, take your list with you as well as check off all the demands that match your wants and needs. Your list of pro’s might consist of proximity to school, to your work environment, personal privacy and quiet of the community, space, rate, architectural honesty of your home, excellent view, safety functions, and so on. Place the address as well as description of the road on this web page as well. This way you won’t mismatch and puzzle residences available for sale with each other at the end of the day. Remember, your pro’s list could be modified again and again once more during the training course of your home acquiring venture.

The factor why this is so crucial is since every person passes judgement based on the MLS pictures. The front of our home is the first photo you will certainly see and decide whether you intend to look a little additional or click on the next area.

Locating Quick Possibilities At cheapest pop up gazebo uk

Always think about that no layout ought to weaken the functionality of the component. Once the enhancing task is done, you can relax, loosen up and enjoy your newly decorated room and you will recognize, you did it all by yourself. Toss pillows are amongst the easiest means to upgrade existing interior design ideas in a home, specifically if you’re on a strict budget. These pretend webs often be made from cotton that is white in colour and also it is expecteded with each other loosely.

Do you intend to conceal there to loosen up from time to time when you’re weary and need some private time or would certainly you such as to let your puppies play there. Some house renovation shops also have tailored designs available for sale like animations and different types of wall surface prints. We want your residence to show your greater, perfect self – one that is liquid, open, caring and also bright. A bottle of wine stemless glass are not your ideal selection if you are going to offer white wine, since the wine gets warm quick when there is no stem for holding the glass.

Wall murals are a fast means to cover a space in a central concept while including color as well as character. It’s a tested fact that lots of companies fall short within their very first year of existence. You can now start to butter your glass obstructs with mortar, as well as press them right into the spaces in between the spacers. In rustic furniture, knots, cracks and also markings are acknowledged as individuality qualities of that unique item of wood as opposed to as defects.

When it’s time to change your cleaning equipment, change it with a Power Celebrity certified model. Have some favorites colors, items as well as recognize precisely in what surrounding he feels ideal. Once more, it verified to be a victor of a choice that was in fact a piece of cake for me to make. As mentioned over, seashells are always an excellent flip board option or anything that reminds you of the coastline. Car dimension and the place, where service is being done, likewise impact the prices to be greater or reduced.

The backing of the carpeting likewise needs to hold the water back so it won’t be soaked up by the cushioning. As soon as the enhancing task is done, you could rest back, relax and also pop up gazebo uk only enjoy your newly enhanced area and also you will certainly buy pop up gazebo uk recognize, you did it all by on your own. Throw cushions are amongst the simplest method to upgrade existing interior layout concepts pop up gazebo manufacturers uk in a house, specifically if you’re on a tight budget.

Quick Payday Loans No creditcheck income support With Few Checks

As your following pay date could be the due date for reimbursement, duration of unsecured cash loans is normally not more than fourteen days. Because you have enough sums in the beginning of the month to deal with any emergency price this is. It is solely within the last few days that you might want to access from exterior to handle any unforeseen event.

Short-term loans also go by numerous other labels, such as cash advance , quick cash, and a few more. These loans let you have the cash you need really short-time – often in about an hour or so, however many areas will need up-to 24 hours.

Using the help of form that is online, you never need to stand-in long queues all night. Perhaps, there’s of faxing any files no need. After endorsement, mortgage amount will be sent within your account immediately.

I’ll never forget the afternoon that V and I spoke together, he said that he struggled in-debt and had to negotiate his costs. Not knowing what debt consolidation was, I started to ask questions. He served me to locate a nonprofit debt relief organization that could enable me to lessen my attention and pay my expenses off.

Yes, there is a cash advance loan perfect for situations like these. I’ve several nights to focus on the situation, and I am pretty sure when I apply for that loan TODAY, I will have the cash Sept to pay the electronic bill before 1.

Sailboat loans generally range from ten-thousand to ten-million. Essentially you would like a mortgage without things, no pre-payment charge (should you pay-off your mortgage early) and a simple interest fixed rate. Ask what your instalments would be for terms that are different, like 20 years or 10 years. You might find it could receive money off 5 years earlier plus that the fee for a 15 year mortgage isn’t that a great deal more than one for a 20 year mortgage. Some lenders will even help you if required and could supply some discounts along these traces that’ll save you money.

Personal – This is more unlikely for most of US, although the most easy form of money. Try to set all you could into this venture out of your own wallet without endangering your house or destroying family, your relationship. You will be asked to pitch in at the least 25% of the total you need to start your cafe anyway should you get funding. The more you have in, the more the financial institution understands how critical you’re and more probable they are to finance you. Additionally they know the more you have in privately, the more unlikely if the moments get tough you are to run.

The Anxieties Of Purchasing A Home

If you capitalize on remnant or standby advertising you will likely get an inexpensive on your advertisement. At our regional advertising paper, the Rare Pointer, that Is released in Hartford, supplies both room advertisements and categorized advertisements. That is when I observed that a particular “stone as well as mulch” business was placing their ad in upside-down every week. I considered this to be a mistake initially however when I saw it upside-down for duplicated weeks, I recognized that the placement of their bottom-side-up ad has acquired them the interest that they require. People that believe there was a mistake are reviewing their ad. It was a gimmick. Is this something I would take into consideration? Only if I had positive outcomes from an examination ad. It is possible that these individuals obtained wonderful outcomes. Simply an idea.

One of the factors wintertime is not the most effective season to market a residence is that it makes individuals remain inside your home as well as take cover. This suggests that the major challenge in making your residence saleable during this time around to brighten it up. So you better begin shoveling the snow as well as keep a pathway from the sidewalk to your door. Area rubber floor coverings as well due to the fact that ice could be slippery. This is likewise advisable when it starts to rain.

A good preliminary action is to identify a real estate professional able to tailor showings to the distinct demands of the certain purchaser. Skillful townhomes for sale professionals frequently perform a sizable amount of research before recommending apartments to consumers. Those are the most effective kinds of experts with which to function. Next, make certain to consume a carbohydrate-rich dish prior to touring buildings. By doing so, you will have a far better possibility of remembering everything you see, which is necessary when looking for properties. Additionally, attempt not to check out greater than seven homes, even though a lot more could be offered.

If you detail four residential properties this month and invest a standard of four hrs presenting each of them, you have actually thrown away sixteen hrs, or 2 whole workdays. Just how numerous residences can you show in sixteen hrs? You can have intended, promoted and attended five open homes during that amount of time. When you’re in business of marketing real estate, your staminas are most likely finding as well as offering residential property for your customers and negotiating the very best offers for them. If you are personally presenting your clients’ personals free of charge, those arrangement abilities are being lost on residential arguments over paint chips as well as furniture placement.

Normally speaking, creating your professional will certainly raise purchaser allure and also may effectively result in a more speedy online sales. For example, Ajax house for sales that had an update paint offered 10 % quicker than those exactly how did not. Possible buyers can obtain the wrong impression if the outside of your home is in inadequate disorder. Old and peeling paint, poor shade combos, etc are all possible exterior issues that might affect your online sales. Spending some funds to repaint the outside of your professional is a wise investment. You desire to attract to a huge selection of potential buyers so choose a neutral palette of colors. Ensure the paint is applied effectively and also that it appears like a premium task. The value of your house will be raised by this work.

If you have no suggestion where to start looking, then seeking advice from a real estate professional should be your key priority. calgary real estate, or property brokers, are considered as specialists in the realty business. They have access to all the personal listings in the city and also can utilize their contacts with realty companies as well as developers if they have one that will certainly meet your demands.

Over the work many years, in all areas of the nation, there have actually been variations in the rates as well as worths of actual estate. Niles MI is no exemption. So called “economists”, individuals we frequently rely upon to guide us, can not settle on what exactly is taking place. Some state that quickly worths will go up. Others claim not. Lots of bankers condemn the boosting number of repossessions on decreasing residential property worths, making it tough or impossible for proprietors to refinance.

Century 21 Broadhurst is one more credible name as far as Myrtle Beach Real Estate is concerned. The living device with 3 bed rooms as well as 2 bathroom areas at 904, Veneda Court is a case in point of just what you can get from this realtor. Pergo flooring, fenced backyard as well as utility room are some of the popular functions of establishments of this variety. Every Myrtle Beach area has pool, clubhouse and also tennis courts so you don’t have to stress on that particular front.

Jewelry – The In Order To A Woman’s Heart

Hugh Hefner suffered a stroke in 1985, this caused him to put the brakes on much of his wild lifestyle. In 1988, his daughter Christine took over as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Playboy Associations. However, Hugh Hefner held onto his position as the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief.

Have you noticed employing more Hip-Hop blogs the chevrolet tahoe and more venues for dumb ish. Petty beefs, cartoons, porno tapes — tend to be funny, don’t get me wrong but it all gets merged under the guise of Hip-Hop.

I began thumbing using the toiletry bag that you get in Business Class. I need to to decide how I would divide the contents between my nieces and nephew.

The Oktoberfest has a long history of recognition the actual planet town of Cleveland. Runs Lakes website tells us that since the 1800’s german immigrants in Cleveland have paid homage to this tradition to their homeland. Cleveland seems to experience a great respect because of roots, practical experience certainly can add up in my thoughts. The label about beer depicts a crew of as well as women conventional German garb toasting pints of beautifully colored beer in giant beer keyrings. Now that looks like a party from which I have a boost.

Once you should making love, what include the results? Would you and your partner acquire reality of little business? If you are performing, that end up being a significant concern. Even so, a significantly few couples do not recognize that can closeness a lot more than merely about creating love. Individuals generally concerning creating a cheerful together with healthful venture. If anybody depend upon making like to make your current connection understand success, there is a its best opportunity that it will the the reality is crash.

Speaking of millenniums, the century’s first TV Guide has crowned Elvis Presley “Entertainer for this Century.” Incredibly, it thinks we’ll acknowledge its picks for physical exercise 10 “Century Club,” led by Presley. The other nine are, in order, facesitting, the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Stewart, Michael Jordon, Johnny Carson, Katharine Hepburn and Mickey Mouse.

After my pleasant meal, I started drift to sleep. I dreamt a good old episode of All in family members. In this particular episode, Archie Bunker created a TV editorial about airline security. He said the fastest way to prevent skyjackings was to issue every airline passenger a gun when they boarded the plane along with collect weapons at the end of the airline flight. Yeah, who needs sky marshals?

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Biggest hazards Of Electronic Cigarette

This is where an ecigarette is a revolution of sorts! Can offer all the fun of the typical Miracle Smoke Ecig but promises get away all of the health consequences. Now, most would wonder how? And understandably, a difficult preposition to digest. But, believe me; it is true in all forms and shapes! Let me reveal an be managed by your – How query!

miracle smokeWhat: Physically, it looks the equal to the traditional cigarette. Strategies three main parts; the battery, the atomizer, and also the cartridge. It is the device that uses an atomizer to vaporize liquid cigarette smoking. It creates a vapor-like smoke when puffed and doesn’t need flames. The battery used is high quality lithium which life span is usually about 4-8 hours on a standard take advantage of. It needs about 2-3 hours completely recharge featuring its own battery charger. When it runs out of liquid flavor or liquid nicotine, it could be refilled when any flavor you want that are sold in market place.

I always visit different forums of electronic cigarettes and in a single of them i found a thread about the pharmacist of Dekang leaving to Hangsen. I subsequently contacted Dekang and confirmed from them the the pharmacist has actually left for another company.

Start swimming pool . well-balanced natural diet. Load up on fresh fruits, vegetables and lean meat pieces. You may drop by your local health and fitness store to pick up some supplements, as pointed out are available OTC nevertheless.

There is alot of controversy all around the use of e-cigs. People get them becasue selecting to just beable to smoke where by they please, and due to the technology of an e-cig technically they may well. A person can “light-up” an e-cig in a bar or in a store or even on a private jet. They can do this becasue there are very few smoke being released from the e-cig.

We found the most amazing product on this planet. It is actually called the Electronic Cigarette. Any this marvelous gadget I’m able to continue my compulsion without remorse. Every bit of the warnings that currently has read on cigarette packs throughout the years may be completely sacked. It may appear from my behavior that I have generally pushed aside the cigarette dire alerts. I did ignore people. I attempted to disregard the dire cautions. I continued to illuminate despite getting the data i was harming myself my own self. It’s the ultimate in dependency simply. A person continues the behavior even though the said behavior is harming one’s health and wellbeing. Killing the certain. The dying from smoking just isn’t nice choose.

With e-cig model which have reloaded rather than just thrown away every now and then, you help save you a additional. You could buy refill bottles of liquid nicotine for around $15 each which might last you about 30 days. Typically, you are probably going to pay out about $150 or so for cigarettes per few months. This will help you save over $100 per month – don’t take the discounts casually! When the year ends, you conserve you over $1000. That’s at minimum a completely bedroom determined.

I are aware of the next involving doubt this! It says, from WHERE I’m able to buy the perfect electronic tobacco cigarette. The solution to the totally – an effective online location. There are a number of them, but buy only after a thorough evaluation. Make sure that the store you choose offers trendy and stylish E cigarette accessories to search along accompanied by! Batteries, carrying case, atomizers for example of these animals. They not only look trendy but have a great utility value on bowl. When you travel long distances and find that smoking, these accessories double check that your electronic cigarettes is with you all the time.

Is internet A Better Choice

Popularity. Don’t pick individual that does not get more than the thousand searches per daytime hours. Even though you can make money with less traffic, if you’re going to hang around working on the project, think long term — providing as you stick towards plan, you’ll be fine.

Flashy sales videos, professionally-written sales letters, convincing testimonials – each one of these and more, each greater compelling than some simple letter.

What extremely important when starting an online firm is that you sell products to customers and in order to not affiliates. Your current products have the right product your customers will continue to purchase and really can keep getting money.

The Last Bonus is actually great, It is a great starting point out your talent to test. I can’t reveal this really is but it really will develop into a good test for your newly acquired marketing skillsets.

Another thing you be considering is your marketing and copywriting relevant skills. What skills do you have? You will learn influence a person can market your online. If you don’t have these skills, choose to do want to better develop them. These skills can build your efficient in promoting your corporate. The more effective you are, the less one must work to acquire the sale.

There are lots of ways to Make Money Online. Our time isn’t enough to achieve success in every those methods. If you want it to successful, it’s shrewd to empty your bottle and open it up for the new content. The things i suggest end up being to try discover a certain way and be the right one or two ways. Finally, you’ll money online simple. max Profits Now Action, believe me, a good business idea can be profitable, if a person starts to get the in an identical way to enjoy it, knowing that it is quite possible to Make Money Online is not for something start doing something, start something.

Get a suitable. This is your Internet address your own let people know on what you accomplish. Type in “domain names” in the search engine, and basically anybody during the first page would thought of good starting point get certain.

Fearne Cotton, Christmas Jumpers And Other Random Fashion Irritations!

handbags louis vuitton 2013You could go for a leopard print jacket, or for a slightly warmer alternative opt for a longer leopard print coat. If you like clothes with a retro style then a leopard print coat can appear like some thing straight from the 1960s or 70s, providing your outfit a vintage look. Is it as well significantly to ask for some uniformity in sizing across the Higher Street, so we can attempt after we purchase, and not face an undesirable 2nd trip to the shops? That’s my monthly rant over. For instance, Madame Tussaud, Ripley’s Surprisingly, London Dungeon and furthermore Dr. Who Knowledge supply extraordinary indicate. The desirable alternative provided by the matalan stores is refund of items bought within 28 days if dissatisfied with the items subject to their norms. The matalan opening instances for mobiles has increased in this planet of advanced technologies. Clothing particularly for children are similarly divided by three parts specifically boys, for girls with each other with for babies and have a tendency to be available beneath many sections. Primarks have referred to that trend is only not intended for the adults.

Do you want gigs? There are tens of totally free gigs around pubs around London obtain; just search for them in Time Out there London. Locate when they also have discounts on drinks and benefit from that. Do you choose gigs? Do you really like cinema? Do Red Wednesdays! To assist keep your appear sensible and feminine opt for militarily coats that are tailored, with nipped in waists and double breasted fronts. Shearling Shearling is a very common material this winter and a shearling coat is each warm and sensible.

I in fact really like Fearne when I can’t see her, I at times listen to her radio show and I do enjoy it. Dresses by Primark are loved all the time. Following these basic measures will ensure that you have the time can ever have whilst staying inexpensive. Go out as much as possibleThere are many hundreds pubs and bars out there and most are desperate with regard to clientele. It doesn’t want to be a full meal or pricey to develop a romantic atmosphere. Initial is a list of higher-end clothes brands that are recognized for their impeccable style, and style and are connected with globe-famous designers. These famous brands come up with their collections for each and every season that are shown on all key fashion runways around the week. These are the brands and style homes that individuals watch out for with bated breath in any style week.
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Suwannee Hulaween 2014


[Words and photos by Adam Taylor]

The String Cheese Incident’s Suwannee Hulaween, which just celebrated the second year of its reincarnation after a few year hiatus, is held at one of the most beautiful and enchanting outdoor music parks in the country, The Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park (SOSMP). The home of festivals such as Wanee, Bear Creek, Aura, and The Purple Hatter’s Ball has a stunning landscape, with a mixture of grassy clearings spread out amongst a dense forest full of gargantuan Live Oak trees. The winding trails, and Spanish Moss draped over the trees, amplify the connection to nature you feel in this place, making the venue as central a piece of the festival experience as any of the music performed or friends made. Taking place over Halloween weekend, from October 30th through November 2nd in the wilderness of Northern Florida,  Suwannee Hulaween features an incredible seven sets of Cheese – three on Halloween night including a special theatrical cover set as well as two each other evening – in addition to a stellar, impeccably selected lineup of other acts, both in headliners and artists lower on the bill. Some of these included Beats Antique, Greensky Bluegrass, Keller Williams & Friends, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, Shpongle, Thievery Corporation, Kung Fu, and Big Gigantic.

Photo by Josh Timmermans
Photo by Josh Timmermans




Festival Experience

Aside from the non-stop music heard throughout the grounds, whether that be from a campsite, car stereo, or one of the stages, and the beautiful natural setting you find yourself immersed in, the weekend is non-stop stimulation.  Everywhere you turn, there is something competing for your attention: live artists, wildly dressed performers or crazy costumed fans .  From the Spirit Lake, which offers some incredible visual imagery, which even further transforms the landscape when the sun goes down, to simply walking around to check out how people have set up and Cheesified their campsites with spider webs, tapestries, inflatable furniture, light projections and more, there isn’t a dull moment, even when there are no artists performing on-stage. Even in while immersed in live music, the madness onstage can’t keep you from looking around at the effects of the lights on the mythical looking Oak trees, wandering over to the the live artists, or being drawn in by the hoopers, some in large groups, in total synchrony.

My journey to The Spirit of Suwannee involved planes, trains, and automobiles and began with waking up before the crack of dawn to catch the first flight out of Chicago to Atlanta. I rendezvoused with my crew of ATLiens before our road trip down to Live Oak, loading up on snacks and food at everyone’s favorite Wal-Mart in lovely Valdosta, GA. Seriously, after a 5-hour car ride with the promise of 7 sets of Cheese at the end of the tunnel, this South Georgia mecca of commerce felt like being in an episode of South Park.  We finally pulled into the park at dusk Thursday night to be greeted by beyond friendly and enthusiastic staff.  Since SOSMP is a park that is literally built for crowds and even more-so for music festivals, entry into the park is smooth and ticket issues, while rare, are quickly resolved.  The grounds are pretty spread out, yet incredibly easy to navigate, with easy to remember landmarks throughout: the Bat House, the Lake, the General Store, the disc golf course, the stables, and so on. One of the most unique parts of attending a festival at SOSMP is that open campfires are not prohibited.  Aside from this being a lifesaver given that the temperature dropped below freezing at night, who doesn’t like sitting around a fire, staring at the flames while reflecting on the face melt you just experienced and sipping on hot bourbon-cider? This goes on-and-on when it comes to things I love about this park, but you definitely get the picture by now.




Thursday Pre-Party:

I’m a huge fan of the festival pre-party, and there was a great line-up of artists set to open the festival on Thursday night at the Amphitheater stage.  With acts like Particle, Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band, Modern Measure, and MZG, the night could have easily been complete.  But the crowd wasn’t through yet, and neither was the music: we were treated to a 2-hour closing set from Electron, the all-star supergroup formed by Marc Brownstein, which also includes Aron Magner of The Disco Biscuits, Mike Greenfield of Lotus, and Tom Hamilton of Brothers Past.  This was truly the highlight of the night for me. Brownie & Co. played to the energy in the crowd on this one, catering to emotions of excitement and gratification with everyone in attendance having made the journey from near and far to make the most of their Halloween weekend.  I feel like the set-list was also very well thought out, a sprinkling of DB tracks including ‘Home Again’ and ‘Confrontation’ and later a mesmerizing cover of Pink Floyd’s ‘Comfortably Numb’ to warm up the crowd on an extraordinarily chilly night in North Florida.

Bonus: Camping in the area behind the main stage, as we journeyed back from Electron, the SCI production team was testing the lighting rig for the nights ahead…sweet.



Friday, October 31st

Friday, October 31st, Halloween Day, was one of the most picturesque days for camping and listening to music outside I’ve lived to experience.  Slightly cool weather, but warm in the sun, not a cloud in the sky – wary, but anxious festival-goers arriving in a steady stream of cars from all over – the knowledge that The String Cheese Incident, who many have not seen in so long, will be taking the stage that night for not one, not two, but three sets.  It was hard to even imagine that besides Cheese being the main course that evening, it was sandwiched between early sets by Greensky Bluegrass and Emancipator and late night sets by Beats Antique and Thievery Corporation, with a palate cleanser in the form of Simon Posford, AKA Shpongle, coming between Cheese sets one and two, as the production team prepared the stage for the special Halloween cover set.




With so many of my favorite artists coming together in one night, in a place tied to so many memories with so many of my close friends, Friday of Hulaween was really one of those days that I felt like it was made for me.  Greensky’s matinee set was only made better by the fact that the band members were dressed as “Perfect Little Angels” – while there might be nothing funnier than seeing 5 grown men dressed up as angels on-stage, those that know Greensky were cracking up at the irony of the group’s costume choice. Emancipator’s set at the Amphitheater stage was something I had long looked forward to.  The past year I have crossed paths with Doug Appling’s musical ventures several times, but this was my first time seeing just violinist Ilya Goldberg and Appling up there without the Ensemble since Hulaween 2013.  He never disappoints, and with the fading sunlight popping through the moss-draped trees onto the transfixed and costumed crowd, I couldn’t help thinking how well planned this scheduling was with SCI coming up next.  Thinking ahead to the genius of Shpongle getting everyone moving for the Afterlife set as darkness creeps in, and to how nuts Beats Antique is going to be in this very location when 8,000 people stagger over after a heavy dose of Cheese.  A wave of excitement washes over me and I know it’s time to put my game face on.



While that was my magical moment of the day, theres is nothing in the world like the first set of Cheese.  While this is not to say that Set Two: The Afterlife wasn’t one of the most ridiculously awesome musical experiences I have ever been a part of – I mean, The String Cheese Incident in elaborate costume playing songs like ‘Sympathy for the Devil,’ ‘Live and Let Die,’ ‘Stairway to Heaven,’ and ‘Thriller?’ Plus pyrotechnics, horns, huge blowups skulls, Giant Michael Jackson, and confetti cannons? Pretty sure we’re painting a pretty clear picture here.  And I don’t want to put down any aspect of that third set, continuing the trend of the day, seemingly crafted for yours truly with an explosive rendition of “Rosie,” a personal top-choice, but SCI’s opening set just hit it for me in all the right places.  Something about sunset Cheese, the first of seven sets over the weekend of your favorite band and after such a long wait, truly put me in a state of total joy.  Opening with ‘Restless Wind’ and moving into ‘Joyful Sound,’ ending with ‘Valley of the Jig’ and ‘Can’t Wait Another Day,’ I was in bliss.  This feeling is the best in the world, and especially knowing that that was just one down with six more to go.




Shpongle and Beats Antique, as expected, were in their best form, both with distinct world sounds.  Having attended the Creature Carnival Tour in Chicago a few weeks earlier, featuring Emancipator, Shpongle, and Beats Antique, I knew to expect a lot of theatrics from the latter, yes even more than we usually see from Zoe Jakes,  including a variety of dancers, masked drummers and performers, a giant inflatable Cyclops Kitty, wacky inflatable arm-flailing tube-people, and a hammering of psychedelic, mind bending visuals with Lafa Taylor actings as the ringleader of this midnight circus.  The Bassheads in the crowd definitely got their fix, opening with with Bassnectar’s remix of ‘Rustabout’ and dropping ‘Butterfly’ later in the set. This all after 3 sets of Cheese with still more to come.



Thievery Corporation is always an eye opener, and Rob Garza’s brainchild always seems to entertain no matter the crowd or time of day.  Sticking to the theme of old world and ethnically influenced sound, the crowd arrives at the main stage to see Rob Myers center stage, sitting Indian Style on a couch with his Sitar.  For me, each time I see Thievery, I expect something exciting and different every time, between their middle eastern influence, affinity to acid jazz, and wide array of synthesizers. However one member of the collective I can never seem to take my eyes off of is bassist Ashish Vayas.  This guy, while obviously inexplicably talented as a musician, was simply born to be on stage.  A rowdy individual in his own right, he has a mop of wild long black hair, and as he constantly struts across the stage, he is interacting with all the other performers, making eye contact with members of the audience, energizing the crowd and his bandmates like it’s science.  Thievery played their well-known track ‘Lebanese Blonde’ as most would assume, but what I thought stood out during their set was the amount of reggae performed.  We are all fans of this genre, but for some reason, I feel it is the type of music I get to hear performed live the least for some reason.  After some exploring of the incredible Spirit Lake and a lap around the park, it was time to set up the campfire and make some much deserved grilled cheese sandwiches.




Saturday, November 1st

While Friday was an epic marathon while at the same time felt surreal, the music lineup on Saturday was nothing short of stellar.  The temperature dropping significantly from the day before, with early afternoon sets by Bear Toe and Strung Like a Horse, and performances by Cope, The Heavy Pets, Nahko & Medicine for the People, and The Suwannee Bluegrass Surprise, Keller Williams, all coming before 6 pm, this was a day chock full of feel good sounds and rock & roll.  A celebratory feel was in the air as well, The Heavy Pets playing their 1,000th show ever, a huge milestone in quite a special setting. A personal highlight of the afternoon included seeing the Tampa-based jammers, Cope, for the first time with a unique sound that’s easy to get lost in.  The crowd was feeling it as well and it became an all out dance party.  There was certainly no disappointment in getting to see the Suwannee Bluegrass Surprise, Keller Williams, who opened with ‘Kidney in a Cooler’ and played a great rendition of ‘Scarlet Begonias,’ a great warm up for the main act of the night.



Cheese killed it as always, with the first set featuring Keller Willams and Nicky Sanders in addition to songs like ‘Search,’ ‘Lost,’ and personal favorite knee-slapper, ‘Resume Man.’  The second set was even more of a journey, opening with ‘Let’s Go Outside’ and ‘Black Clouds,’ and getting more intense and hyper-sensory with ‘Sirens,’ ‘Live Oak Jam,’ and ‘ Rivertrance’ before a ‘BollyMunster’ encore.  How can you not be utterly out of breath after this? After taking this all in and letting my jaw rest on the floor for a while, it’s back to the Amphitheater stage for The New Deal, which is a nice little break before heading to either The Spirit Lake stage or Main Stage for Kung Fu or Big Gigantic respectively.  One of the few overlapping set-times of the weekend, I am still impressed by the planning and organization that went into this scheduling – Big G and Kung Fu attract very different factions from within Cheesehead Nation, so I don’t think this decision was very hard for anyone.  Big Gigantic played the same set they’ve played the 3 times I’ve seen them in the last 6 months, but it was nonetheless a huge party and everybody there had a blast, myself included.  Kung Fu on the other hand, was one of the most exciting sets of the weekend – I very much regret missing the first half of Kung Fu to catch a little Big G.




And although Kung Fu absolutely blew my mind with so much craziness coming off that tiny stage, one set in particular stood out distinctly on Saturday and forever won my fandom: Conspirator.  I’ve always been a fan of Brownie, and I have long been a supporter of side projects, which allow artists to explore certain elements of the musical spectrum that may not be as acceptable to a widespread fanbase.  However,in the handful of times I’ve seen Conspirator, I have been left less than impressed and wanting more.  In previous experiences, either the sound was mixed poorly, the artists on stage did not have seem to have good chemistry, or the track selection felt simply monotonous and dull.  But this late afternoon timeslot, preceding the second night of an onslaught of Cheese as described above, was one of the high points of the festival for me.  The sound was mixed to perfection for this set, with the bass physically moving the crowd, but not in excess.  The synths and slight intricacies of the performance were heard loud and clear, and the lighting effects were the perfect compliment to the diminishing natural light disappearing through the trees.  Combine this with Dominic Lalli as well as drummer Jeremy Salken of Big Gigantic joining Conspirator on stage…game, set, match.  This brings up another one of my favorite elements of Hulaween, in that since it is a festival put on largely by The String Cheese Incident, you end up with artists who have a lot of history with one another, who are good friends, and have experience collaborating and improvising, both in a live setting and in a studio.  It gives the festival a vibe which shrinks the disparity between artist and fan, and making all in attendance feel a personal connection to the acts and brings the musicians down a notch from the celebrity treatment one might see at a massive, more commercialized fest.  For example, just minutes after finishing up Cheese set number 2 on Saturday night, percussionist Jason Hann could be seen throughout the park chatting with fans, taking selfies those who dared to ask, and taking in the magic at Spirit Lake.





Sunday, November 2nd

The final day of the festival is always a little different in knowing that you have one more day to get your fill before leaving fantasyland for the real world.  The weather was cool and sunny, and Ghost Owl opened up the day before a beautiful set by Rising Appalachia, a quickly up-and-coming act led by sisters Chloe and Leah Smith.  Their music is a mixture of folk and soul, and they employ a variety of different world instruments, creating an incredibly unique sound.  This show was one the most impactful of the entire weekend, completely unexpected and moving.  The crowd was entirely captivated, entranced by the beauty emanating from the stage.  Their set flowed perfectly with songs like ‘Filthy Dirty South’ and ‘Medicine,’ both clear crowd pleasers.


The day-party continued, with Dean Ween rocking out on the Amphitheater stage, getting everyone ready for the final two sets of The String Cheese Incident to come that evening. I’ve said it before, but one of the great things about Cheese is the evolution to what they are capable of now from their bluegrass roots, and it is truly incredible how they craft each set to showcase so many different talents and musical genres, while retaining that distinctive Cheesiness we all fell in love with. This final Incident at Suwannee Hulaween was definitely one to remember, opening up their first set with ‘Sometimes a River,’ and closing with ‘Round the Wheel,’ which hasn’t been played in at least a year.  The second Cheese set was killer as well, everyone in the crowd getting goofy with jam after jam: ‘Song in my Head’ > ‘This Must Be The Place’ > ‘On The Road’ > ‘Bumpin Reel’ > ‘Texas’ (encore).  And though there was more music to come that night, I just kept hoping that they would come back on stage for just one more.  People all over had the same sentiment, evident by the sporadic shouts of one last song requests: “Jellyfish!”, “Little Hands!”, “Lester!”




With Cheese having ended, I was really looking forward to the rest of the evening, although slightly bummed about another one of the few set conflicts that weekend.  This time it was between EOTO on the Main Stage and Van Ghost at Spirit Lake, before the festival finale down at the good old Amphitheater Stage with our friends Joe Russo’s Almost Dead.  I knew I would be splitting time between both, but opted to stick around for EOTO first.  Unfortunately there were some hiccups getting Travis and Jason’s equipment working correctly and this delayed their start time a bit. Despite this, Hann was all smiles and the duo dropped serious some seriously freaky noises on the crowd.  It was definitely the crunch I was looking for all weekend, although I really was hoping they brought their lasers!  Oh well…no complaints from me – it was a fantastic display of musical talent, and a snapshot of what it really means to play to a crowd.  By the time I could peel myself away from EOTO to head to Van Ghost, there was just a little bit of time left in their set.  But I am really glad I made it for a few songs because Michael Harrison Berg was tearing it up on that packed in stage with our girl Jennifer Hartswick.  After this ended, all bodies converged upon the Amphitheater one last time for Joe Russo.  Man do I love these guys: there really is no music that brings about nostalgia like the Dead and I always cherish every note when I get to hear Joe Russo’s Almost Dead. Closing out the festival, I saw several moments within the set when groups of people huddled together for group hugs, rows of the crowd putting all their arms around one another while swaying to the music, and so many happy couples.  Just so much love and happiness and good feelings set to an amazing soundtrack. A part of the night I will never forget is their rendition of ‘Uncle John’s Band,’ which hits a sweet spot for me, in that way that cannot even be described in words.  From there they went into a crazy jam on ‘No Quarter’ then back into ‘Uncle John’s Band’ with ‘Franklin’s Tower’ to shut it down. It was a spectacular way to end the festival and the creatures of Suwannee Hulaween were in no way left unsatisfied.





Biggest Musical Surprise

While Conspirator, Electron, Rising Appalachia, and Kung Fu were definitely some of the highlights of my weekend (aside from Cheese of course), there was a very special set played in the park that only those in proximity were lucky enough to experience.  With SOSMP so well equipped for large crowds and built for heavy duty camping, there are electrical hookups and water spouts at just every few yards in certain parts of the park.  Sitting around our fire listening to music in the wee hours of Halloween night, we start to hear some very powerful blues/folk rock coming from somewhere close by.  As a group of us grab our headlamps and venture out into the dark towards the sound, we come upon an impromptu concert, with 4 or 5 musicians playing, instruments loud and deep, hooked up to amplifiers, and a projector emitting bizarre visual imagery onto a screen and the trees surrounding the camp.  A crowd of 50 or so had gathered, huddled up to keep warm and sitting on the ground and the music was mysterious and beautiful.  The band, who we later found out was Bear Toe, had opted to camp with the fans instead of in the artist area or in a cabin and really connected with their crowd that night.  Scheduled to perform on Saturday at the Spirit Lake Stage, I really appreciated them having treated our little community to some bonus tunes.  There was something incredibly organic about this experience, and I can only hope to have more similar opportunities like this in the future.  Hats off to Bear Toe: certified.



Spirit Lake

Spirit Lake, an adventure for the senses in 2013, was much improved and way more immersive this year.  From mystifying light projections, art installations, to the legendary Jelly Swing, you could entertain yourself forever in there.  The landscape morphed throughout the weekend with artists adding to it each day.  And with the Spirit Lake Stage right there, you could still enjoy late night live music while exploring all the different areas of the setup.  Many took refuge near the 20-foot tall Infinite Infant, famous from Burning Man which warmed all those gathered nearby with its frequent, and rhythmically released flames.  My favorite part of the Spirit Lake area this year was what was called the ‘Sonic Forest.’ In here, as you walk through a grid of metal poles, sounds are emitted from behind, in front, and to the sides of you.  It really confuses the senses, and you become utterly disoriented, trying to stay focused on where you are going.  The lights being projected onto the trees at Spirit Lake, most visible from across the water from the art installations, were mesmerizing as well, a perfect fusion of technology and nature.  Another breathtaking installment is tough to describe in words, but my best summary would be projections overlapping on paintings, to make these pieces of art seem almost lifelike.  I was very pleased with what the Spirit Lake experience had to offer this year, and hope that it continues to build upon itself as a Hulaween in the Swamp tradition.


Photo by Josh Timmermans
Photo by Josh Timmermans


Let’s be honest.  No one goes to a music festival and has a bad time.  But there are those special weekends, when everything just seems to align perfectly.  A Halloween camping festival, located at Spirit of Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, FL, featuring The String Cheese Incident for seven whole sets: this is the type of festival where you leave feeling fulfilled and that by having now attended, it would be a travesty to miss one in the future.  I for one had the time of my life at Suwannee Hulaween 2014, made so many new friends and reconnected with so many others.  Growing up in Atlanta, the southern scene is one that I feel very comfortable with. Going to festivals in the south just has a slightly higher degree of laid-back, no rush, kind of vibe.  A goal I have set for my future self is to spend as many music weekends at SOSMP as possible, but I can wholeheartedly guarantee my attendance at Hulaween 2015.  See you in the Swamp!





Commentary: Run The Jewels at Metro

[Photos by Jon Pliske]

"The people made us a rap group"
“The people made us a rap group”

It’s hard to write an objective show review about a group that you really like. Especially when you’ve seen them four times. Especially when their modus operandi is “fuckboys beware” and they have a side project called Meow the Jewels.  Especially when they are Killer Mike and El P.


Are you guys okay if I forgo a set list and a metaphorical description of the energy of the crowd from that night at the Metro?

The show ruled, they played all of the songs you would want them to play, I love the Metro, and Run the Jewels might be my favorite hip hop act on the planet right now.


Alright? Cool? I think we have some more important things to get to.

Okay. Last week a Grand Jury refused to indict an NYPD officer for choking a man to death. Eric Garner. The craziest thing is, this isn’t an isolated incident. I won’t get into the laundry list of “reasons why living in America right now is fucking terrifying.”

In this country of ours, you can murder someone *on film* and get away with it. It’s crazy. It’s… wrong. It’s inhumane. It’s evil.

This has what to do with Run the Jewels? Well, everything. Hip hop and societal anxiety surrounding the issue of race/gender/poverty are intrinsically tied to one another. There has always been tension between institutionalized racism (police brutality, mandatory sentencing etc.) and Hip Hop music.

From Grandmaster Flash’s “The Message” to Public Enemy’s Fear of Black Planet; from Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool to Ice T’s early stuff, et al. So called “conscious” Hip Hop — Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Brother Ali, Immortal Technique, Cunninglynguists, just to name a few. These are all artists who have used their talent to voice dissent against a system that has refused to include them. I am not just talking about being black, or being white, or whatever else. I am talking about being powerless in a society that doesn’t care about you or your future.  (My friend Ben made a good point here- what about Punk Rock and Henry Rollins et al? Punk Rock was around saying “fuck you” to the system and sticking safety pins through it’s ears while Hip Hop was still a glimmer in Soul music’s eye… but perhaps Punk doesn’t have the same relationship with race/class issues that hip hop does… but that’s for another time).

In the last 15 years it is pretty obvious that Hip Hop has gone away from the fringes of society, out of the hands of the “undesirables” and into the hands of Katy Perry and the people who orchestrated her bionic breasts. Right? Top 40 is fun to dance to and makes money. That is why Taylor swift was given a “ghetto blaster” and Jason Aldean had Ludacris guest spit on a song that I am pretty sure is an extended Chevy Truck commercial. Also, who the fuck is Jason Derulo?

The popular musical landscape is littered with shiny pop music that says little and means even less. Haters gonna hate, and we will shake it off, right?

No. Fuck that.

Fuck all of that.

We need music to do what only it has the power to do. We need it to be a reflection of our humanity. If that reflection truly is One Direction and Ariana Grande… well… I quit.

We need music and more specifically Hip Hop to be an agent of change, and to bring us together, and to make us feel things again.

Rolling Stone just named Run the Jewels 2 as the best Hip Hop album of the year (let’s pretend they didn’t give the album of the year to U2). It is pretty clear. This record released without fanfare or marketing dollars is what we want and what we need because it addresses how precariously balanced we are on the precipice of becoming totally fucked.

Let’s rewind that back for a second. Run the Jewels started as a side projects of sorts. El P had a bunch of stuff he wanted to get into the studio with after Cancer 4 Cure and Killer Mike happened to jump on some songs. Then some more. Then people told them it was good, and they turned it into an album. El P even said, “The people made us a rap group. We never set out to be one.”

They released RTJ 1 as a free download because they didn’t want to mess with all of the bullshit that comes with pushing a major record release. They wanted to get their music into the hands of the people who wanted to hear it.

Turns out, we wanted to hear it.

We are thirsty for music that has meaning and speaks to our angst. We want and need music that is honest and articulate, music that stands for something and stands up for us. This so called “conscious” Hip Hop can no longer be just the stuff of bleeding heart liberals, academic Hip Hop heads and chatty grad students. Hip Hop is conscious. Hip Hop is consciousness.

We may not be able to dismantle this horribly flawed system on our own. We all got bills to pay and shit to do and dogs to walk and gluten-free manicures to get. But we can lend our voices in dissent. We can start an open dialogue. We can vote and we can be activists in our communities and we can learn from each other and we can be kind. We can support those whose voices speak the truth and reach many. We can get together and listen to good music and go to rap shows and smoke blunts. We can be Jewel Runners. Alright?


Okay Killer Mike and El P, you have our attention. Lead the way, homies.

Umphrey’s McGee’s 2000th Show at Orpheum Theatre in Madison, WI

No matter how you slice it, 2,000 shows is a whole lot of stage time. It’s quite an impressive feat for Umphrey’s McGee to reach 2,000 shows in right around 16 years of playing together. That’s a high average of shows per year for a sustained period of years. There’s no question that they’re one of the hardest working and most dedicated bands in the world, and when you stand back and look at numbers like those, the case is open and shut.

The average career length in the NFL is 3.3 seasons, which seems kinda short at first glance when stars like Peyton Manning seemingly play forever. But when you step back and look at how many third string players come through the league it makes sense. It’s a completely analogous situation with live touring bands… how many bands ever make it to even 500 shows? Or 1,000? You don’t stumble into a 16 year NFL career just like you don’t stumble into a 16 year touring career with over 2,000 shows. If the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame knew anything about anything, Umphrey’s McGee would be a no-brainer first ballot selection.

But what about the actual show, man? Well, it was special. It wasn’t one of the best shows in terms of flow/segues or improv, but it’s definitely one I’ll always remember based on the environment and song selection alone. To start with, they picked an amazing place to play this show. As much as it pains me to say it, Wisconsin’s venues shit all over every venue we have in Chicago. I’ve maintained that the Riverside in Milwaukee is my favorite venue to see Umphrey’s, but now it’s got competition with the Orpheum Theatre. This place is everything I want in a venue — great sound, gorgeous design, very clean, clear sightlines, awesome beer selection/prices (mmmm Spotted Cow) and wonderfully relaxed security. If you picked this place up on a flatbed and moved it to Chicago it’d instantly be the best venue in the city. Wisconsin, you guys really know how to music venue.

There were definitely some standout moments of improv, as there is in every single show, night in and night out with this band. But this was definitely a ‘setlist show’ considering the depth of bustouts they unwrapped. The mirror image set-enders “August” and “Slacker” were almost predictable in a way — probably the two oldest regular rotation songs that are nearly universally loved. But they threw huge curveballs in both of them with a single verse uber-bustout of “The Other Side of Things” and “G-Song” in “August” and “Slacker” respectfully. Old beloved songs with even older and more rare jams, complete with absolutely flawless transitions in and out of both jams. Now that’s the business. And know what makes this even better? I don’t think that “G-Song” verse was planned at all — “TOSOT” was on the setlist, but it seemed like Bayliss conjured “G-Song” up himself, on the fly, like a boss. For a song they supposedly would never play again, that was a pretty badass way to give us most likely the last little taste anyone will ever hear.

While it’s not quite rare enough to be considered a bustout, the placement of “Kimble” was one of the true genius moves of the night. Easily one of their most underrated instrumentals, “Kimble” has the potential to be a monster when properly wound up. Since the song itself takes a minute to really get going, smooth segueing to it directly out of the hellfire of “Mulche’s Odyssey” was basically the best way to serve “Kimble.” There was no wind up time necessary, it was like a base-stealer getting the perfect jump on the pitcher’s delivery. It’s little things like this that let us know how detail-oriented this band can be; there’s no way there could be such a dedicated group of nerd-fans who geek out over for hours if the band wasn’t a little bit nerdy about the details themselves.

And how about this for a bustout? Talk about a cover song NOBODY saw coming: out of nowhere mid-first set they dropped Bob Marley’s “Walk The Proud Land,” which hadn’t been played in 12 years, a 1,465 show gap. Awesome bustout choice and and even more awesome cover. With all prog shred filth it’s easy to forget how well they can play some kicked-back reggae. And on the other side of the spectrum, mid-second set they unleashed a brand new cover, which is about as un-reggae as it gets. Not everyone recognized The Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind?” right away, but by the time the chorus washed over the entire crowd was euphoric. Talk about two entirely unpredictable cover choices.

But, at the end of the day, what will stick out to most people as the cornerstone of this monumental show was how fucking hard we got Porch’d. When it comes to over-the-top sentimental classics, it doesn’t get any more beloved than “Front Porch,” and they dropped a proper three-jam, 17-minute Porch on our asses. And thanks to the final of those three improv sections, this song was one of those ‘instant Hall of Fame’ moments. But it didn’t arrive there without some work. The first jam was one of those happy, effervescent things that felt good but didn’t really go anywhere. The second jam was significantly more developed and far more substantial — it unfolded into a rare potent piano-driven piece, with Joel pushing the whole thing while the guitars filled in with poignant wailing harmonics. First a nice jam, then a more emotional jam, it was pretty clear there was only one way to go with the third jam… off the fucking deep end.

And dead sweet lord baby jesus did they go off the deep end. Almost immediately the sound faded to black, with Jake getting ultra weird and Joel kicking in the mind-fucking reverse delay effects on his piano. In a matter of a few seconds the show went from joyous Porching to hurtling backwards through a goddamn black hole. Myers picked up the scattered pieces, brought some order to the chaos and started building. Some crafty perc work from Farag added extra weird dimension to the upswing of jam, and Stasik’s snubnose basstone was the perfect choice to accompany the altogether weirdness of the improv. It was a single ascent jam, but once they reached the summit of this thing it was this insane blues & hip-hop mutant that transitioned smooth as a newborn baby into the final composed segment of “Porch,” and stood mightily on top of the show as the unquestioned improv champion of the night. This “Front Porch” was the stuff \mm/ dreams are made of and it will no doubt garner considerable Hall of Fame 2014 consideration.

It was only fitting Umphrey’s McGee’s 2,000th show featured a gargantuan “Front Porch.” Nobody really actually tries to call a “Front Porch” these days, but after the fact, it felt like there was absolutely no other way for it to happen. It was Porch Destiny.

After 2,000 shows it’s safe to say that 3,000 shows is no longer safe. Long live Umphrey’s McGee.

Amrita and Brothers Rage Halloween at The Sex House

Everybody loves house parties. Hell, you’ve probably been to more of them than you can even remember. Some of us have even unleashed a fire extinguisher upstairs at a frat party and set off the fire alarms and ran out the back door cackling laughing with two full cups of keg beer and people yelling, “Find the guy who did this and kick his ass!!” But that’s neither here nor there. The point is we’ve all been to plenty of house parties, but this was easily one of the best house parties I’ve ever raged.

It definitely doesn’t hurt to have a light design whiz own the house (Pat Riley of Amrita) and deck out the basement with more moving lights than your average small venue show. It also didn’t hurt that it was Halloween and everyone in attendance brought their A-game. Best of all was the awesome crew of people — it was a tight group of friends and absolutely no riff raff. Well, there was a RiFF RAFF, but he sat in with Brothers Rage for a sick cover of “Love Rollercoaster.”

Both bands played fun sets for the loose crowd — not too serious, but every bit of a ‘real’ gig despite being in a basement. Brothers Rage sounded pretty damn good for a band that doesn’t play nearly enough. They were a bit sloppy around the edges — to their credit so was everyone else in the building — but they threw down enough inventive improv to keep everyone engaged. Amrita was the much sharper band, they sounded extremely well-rehearsed as they tore through a laundry list of Halloween-themed covers. Both bands played to the holiday festivities and put on a great show — both Brothers Rage and Amrita are much better than their relatively modest amount of fans would suggest. There’s definitely some badass music underneath the surface in Chicago and these two bands are two of the best.

Otter Presents: Top of the Tower SkyDeck AllStars 2.0

Otter Presents has a notorious reputation for producing events that are on another level. Top of the Tower 2.0 was my first experience at such an exclusive soiree and I must say, it was quite a novelty. Even the logistics of getting to the top of Willis Tower was a spectacle. First your name had to be on “The List” that was guarded by security on the ground floor of the building. Once your identification was verified, they gave you a ticket that allowed you access to the Skydeck. Then you had to pass through another security check point with a metal detector before even getting on the elevators. There were actually two sets of elevators you had to go up, many different hallways, and an escalator ride before you finally made it to the 99th floor at the top of Willis Tower.

What I soon came to realize was just how remarkable it is to concoct such an avant-garde event. The first and most obvious reason is the venue itself. The 99th floor of Willis Tower is square shaped with the elevators and bathrooms in the middle. Therefore, the floor to ceiling windows throughout the whole space made you feel like you were on top of the world. An occasional telescope also helped you inspect the tiny details of the city below. Being here at night presented a completely new perspective of Chicago with its twinkling street lights that grid out neighborhoods as far as the eye could see.

The preparation for this event circulates around the idea: “If you build it, they will come.” While the stage area was set up in the north east corner of the room, speakers were scattered throughout the 99th floor bringing music to every crevice within the space. Ambient blue lighting and low rise leather couches provided a classy lounge-like ambiance. Vendors set up tables throughout selling everything from posters to pins and anyone who brought 10 cans of food to donate to the Greater Chicago Food Depository received a special event poster created by TRiPPs. There was also live art by Alicia Post and Ben Laskov as well as a few art instillations to really help bring the uniqueness of the space full circle. But in all reality, this event was all about the music.

The night officially kicked off with an opening set by the Joe Marcinek Band featuring Steve Molitz on keys, Freekbass on bass, and Pete Koopmans on drums. At first I was distracted by the open bar but a Particle song pulled me away from the long drink line, calling me to the stage area like red light above a brothel.

The versatility of Marcinek is something that must be mentioned here. I have seen this musician tear it up quite a few times in the past couple months with an impressive variety of musicians that continually rotate through this band. The special mix of music presented on this particular night showcased just how well Marcinek’s ability to listen can really pull together any group of musicians. The highlight of the set came with a cover of “Fame” by David Bowie. The fact that Bowie is being celebrated at Museum of Contemporary Art just a couple miles away did not go unnoticed by the Chicago crowd and made the whole song feel that much more special. While the first half of the show focused on a dancier jam style, Joe Marcinek original “60 Degrees (in January)” provided a NOLA funk element towards the end of the set that really left it all out there. Freekbass dug into his eccentric style giving us all a taste of what he does best. While Steve Molitz was expressive on his keys, you could tell he was holding back. After all, this musician still had two more sets of music to deliver that night so I am sure he was saving some of his raw energy for the main event.

Before the SkyDeck AllStars began their set there was a rush that filled the room because we all knew a transcendent experience was about to take place. The thing about a one-off super group is that this has never happened before, nor will it ever happen again. Otter hand picked these musicians based on their exceptional talent and then gave them the opportunity to do something that has never been done before. By whipping up a special batch like this, the style and skill of each musician shines through as well as their ability to adapt to what’s in front of them.

This year’s SkyDeck AllStars 2.0 consisted of Jon “The Barber” Gutwillig from the Disco Biscuits, Marcus Rezak of Digital Tape Machine, Mike Greenfield of Lotus, David Murphy of Seven Arrows, and Steve Molitz of Particle. After warming up with a funk jam, the group busted out “Home” by LCD Soundsystem. The cover was long, drawn out, and perfectly executed. This particular choice intrigued the audience as to what would happen next, speculating if there would be any limits within this super jam. Joe Marcinek eventually joined the group and replaced Barber for a cover of “Jan Jan” originally by the great jazz composer Grant Green. By this point in the show I managed to move as close as I could to the band and it was obvious that Marcinek and Resak were trying to outdo each other in a friendly competition of seeing who can arrange a composition on the fly most effectively. It wasn’t long before the duo started creating magical moments as they carried on a dialogue of guitar licks until the song finally hit a magnificent peak of musical bliss.

Barber eventually returned to the stage, showing up full force for DJ Shadow’s “Building Steam with a Grain of Salt,” threading the musical genius of the Disco Biscuits into any structure that was laid out in front of him. It was within this space that the improvisation began to flow and you could tell these artists enjoyed exploring an unknown territory just as much as we enjoyed witnessing it. They jammed and we danced, wildly. There was no stage, so the crowd was on the same level as the band. You could tell by the look on David Murphy’s face that this was something new to him, but the setup up facilitated a connection between the band and their audience that grew stronger as the night grew long. I could subtly feel myself melting into Murph’s bass line as the he started to get loose. We saw a whole other side to this artist that night, including the obvious addition of vocals (besides his notorious “Wooo!”).

The second set of music kicked off with Talking Heads’ “Cross Eyed and Painless,” a favorite of Chicago music lovers ever since Phish wove the tune in and out of their show at UIC Pavilion back in 2011. But the dance party didn’t really hit its peak again until the super group revisited LCD Soundsystem for a cover of “Pow Pow.” Marcus Rezak’s newest side project is actually an LCD Soundsystem tribute band called North American Scum, so the addition of LCD to the setlist was not a surprise, at least not to me. But what did surprise me was the way this group flawlessly executed a dance-punk style with just enough weird to keep me guessing where they would go next. The night finally came to an end with The Grateful Dead’s “I Know You Rider” and an audience singing along to really hit home the feeling of a collective experience for everyone on the 99th floor.

To sum up Top of the Tower, I would have to say that this was a musical experience that was singular and innovative within today’s live music scene. For someone like me who loves the magic of improvised music, it was the type of event I live for. The swanky atmosphere and unique location were just a bonus to the amazing music that was created at one of the tallest buildings in the world.

This show was very special to me. Chicago, after all, is my hometown and there is a shared love for our music scene that almost makes it feel like a family. When I first started writing about live music, my goal was to try and capture the moments that evoke a feeling of awe. While over the last few years those moments have presented themselves time and time again, Top of the Tower SkyDeck AllStars 2.0 was such a special evening that needs to be shared with the world. Chicago is very fortunate to have Otter Presents bring such a special event to our city. I can’t wait to see what they hook us up with next!

Creature Carnival with Beats Antique, Shpongle and Emancipator at Riviera Theater


[Words by Adrian Gurga | Photos by Adam Taylor & Kyle Miller aka The Saucy Monster]

Halloween season was officially upon us. The fourth night of the aptly named Creature Carnival tour was now in full swing as costumed and face painted music lovers lined up outside the Riviera Theater for a two night run with a stacked lineup including Emancipator, Shpongle, and Beats Antique.

Inviting the audience to participate in the masquerade, a do-it-yourself mask-making craft station was located just inside the entrance. Attendees were given four psychedelic creature mask templates to choose from — squids, rabbits, tigers, or owls — allowing you to choose your own creature and express your creative side. Crayons and hot glue guns were present as well. A friend of mine handed me an “official” Beats Antique fortune card and explained that I must pass the card on to someone else before the end of the night.

The carnival was hosted by Lafa Taylor, an Oakland based MC and producer who started each night off with DJ sets combining a little bit of everything. He played some hiphop and some rap, overlaying 90’s hits with wompy basslines. He added his own vocals on a few songs, singing his own lyrics over Dre’s beats. He played a really funky R&B track and a trap remix of a Biggy tune back to back. “It’s all music,” he explained over the microphone.


Simon Posford of Shpongle took the stage next and electrified the audience with Dorset Perception. His black garb and feathered hat were a familiar sight, but he looked almost naked standing alone on stage without his usual projection mapping rig and DJ booth, Shpongletron. At just under 60 minutes, Simon’s set was more to the point, even a bit rushed and some of the transitions were choppy, but Simon seemed more jovial and carefree than usual, dancing back and forth on stage, puffing on an electronic cigarette, while colorful visuals folded on two large LED screens behind him. The fully packed theater gave an uproarious applause as Simon left the stage and Lafa Taylor returned to introduce Emancipator.


Emancipator took the stage and filled the room with downtempo, hiphop-inspired beats and delicate melodies. Emancipator always plays as a duet with Doug Appling controlling the beats and Ilya Goldberg playing violin and other stringed instruments. They played mostly from their two most recent albums, Dusk To Dawn and Safe In The Steep Cliffs, as well as the usual unreleased remixes of “Ready Or Not” by Fugees and “Halcyon And On And On” by Orbital. They closed their set with an unreleased new track. The crowd responded boisterously and we seemed to forget we’ve only seen the openers. The overall level of inebriation at that point of the night could only be described as “soccer game drunk”.


Beats Antique’s set began with a spotlight as bells chimed a simple melody. It was serious and creepy. Carnival tunes ensued in an explosion of light and sound. Red velvet curtains and an incandescent chandelier provided the stage an appropriately vaudeville-esque setting. Spandex clad dancers with pom poms and sequined top hats took the stage and a four person drumline formed, each drummer wearing one of the four creature masks.

As the night continued Beats cycled through a number of musical styles, using different instruments for each song and playing nearly every percussion instrument imaginable. Middle Eastern and Indian-inspired melodies were followed with heavy, glitchy, beats. One moment the music sounded like Passion Pit and the next it could have easily been Primus. Then Zoe Jakes would come out to flex her belly in a well choreographed routine with a pair of burlesque dancers that looked like they might have come out of the 1920’s. It was musical tribute night, told through the songs of Beats Antique.


Beats’ performance included a number of costumed characters and special effects, particularly inflatable art, which gave their set a theatrical feel. An giant green inflatable cyclops cat took the stage, held at the reigns and writhing like an untamed elephant. Wacky wavy inflatable arm flailing tube men were also used. Even Zoe ballooned to inhuman size in a dress with inflatable bustle, wearing antlers on her head.


They closed their set with Beauty Beats off of the 2008’s Collide and on Saturday the Riv was pretty much packed all the way to the end. Even at 12:50 the place was packed shoulder to shoulder and there was enough sweaty flesh to remind one of summer. A hippie looking chick applied face paint to a well dressed bro in a collared, button down shirt while they waited for the encore — the kind of association you’d only ever see at a concert. An overweight gentleman who sat through most of the set looking rather faced was questioned by security, “I came for Shponple,” he explained and stumbled off unassisted.

Things got especially weird at the very end, Lafa Taylor came back on stage and birthday cake was served to any and all eligible recipients while they blasted Peanut Butter Jelly Time. The self-indulgent celebration went on until a little after 1am and all were invited to Sunday’s show.

The second night was like the first but with much fewer people. A few extra bonuses were offered on Sunday including poi spinners on stilts and a dance routine provided by local talent Hijinx Productions. While the crowd on Sunday was sparse, it was certainly dedicated. Most of them seemed like out-of-towners who only came up for the shows. A couple next to me drove in from Cincinnati just to see Sunday’s show. Sunday’s crowd was also mostly too young to drink, or perhaps just too thrifty. Emancipator played before Shpongle on Sunday, which was a pleasant surprise for everyone, especially since Sunday’s sets were for the most part the same as Saturday’s but with a few exceptions — after all Chicago is basically the only two night run of the tour — but the crowd enjoyed themselves just the same.

While most elements of the shows were spot on, a few aspects fell just short. For one, the house musical selection between performances was just deplorable. Whoever was in charge of track selection played Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros both nights which just sounded fucking weird between Shpongle and Emancipator. The house also played an Emancipator song immediately after Emancipator left the stage, and while I’m no sound engineer I’m pretty sure it’s a faux pas to play one of the bands between set breaks.


A few elements of the performance itself also fell short of plausible. For instance, a volunteer selected from the audience turned out to be the same guy both nights. Likewise, when Jakes took the stage in a leotard carrying a bass drum which wasn’t even mic’d, it sort of reminded you that what you were seeing may actually be closer to professional wrestling than live music — after all professional wrestling is performance art too and most EDM acts could be criticized as “just pressing play.”

That being said, now that Beats has about a half a dozen albums under their belt, they’ve got a lot more music to choose from when constructing a set. While this year’s performance had more energy, it was less about the music and more about pure showmanship compared with previous years’ performances. Saturday night also proved that the trifecta of Beats Antique combined with Emancipator and Shpongle can sell out a medium-sized venue — even on a night when Skrillex is in town — and that festi-heads will flock from far and wide to watch a voluptuous woman bang on a drum and dance with inflatable monsters.



SBTRKT at Riviera Theatre

After riding a lengthy wave of international touring and festival hopping, SBTRKT abruptly jumped off the machine near the end of 2013. At a time when he easily could have kept rolling and raking in cash with sold-out live shows, he did the complete opposite and took time off to focus on creating new material. He ended up staying pretty quiet through Summer festival season this year, only releasing a scattered couple tracks from his latest album Wonder Where We Land, which was officially released in October. This Fall he returned to touring with a completely re-worked live show, a refreshing thing to see amidst a lot of repetition this year.

In the past Aaron Jerome aka SBTRKT juggled playing drums while also running live production, while Sampha provided vocals for most songs and played a bit of percussion. But this time around, Jerome passed the drumming duties off to a focused drummer and also had a girl playing synth & percussion along with some vocal work. It felt like he was more in his element: behind a dizzying assortment of electronic music instruments as opposed to behind a drumkit. It was more like his ‘DJ set’ setup, which is still one of the most impressive displays of live electronic music production I’ve ever witnessed. With Jerome behind his cockpit of esoteric lights & dials, the show generally seemed sharper and even more complex than before. Aaron Jerome is an electronic musician, and when someone that talented is in control, there’s no question all those electronics are every bit the instrument that a guitar or saxophone is. Not to mention that he had a handful of synths up there too, for good measure. By focusing his efforts on these electronic instruments he took the SBTRKT live show to new territory.

What really set this show apart from the past was, obviously, the injection of a whole album’s worth of new material. He did a great job of mixing the new into the old, creating a strong sense of never knowing what’s coming next. The new songs sounded bolder than they do on Wonder Where We Land, which was slightly underwhelming compared to his brilliant debut album. Especially the track “NEW DORP, NEW YORK” which sounds flat on the record but completely blew up in the live setting. It was somehow even more sinister and unsettling, with expanded complexity in the low end and skeleton-rattling sub-bass at the lowest point.

Even with all that new energy & material, the best part of this show was the way the old songs were delivered. None of the old tracks came in a form we’ve heard before. They were all tweaked in some way, which is also reminiscent of how he plays other artist’s music in his DJ sets — always refracted through the SBTRKT prism. This aspect of the show really took the novelty of the performance to a new level, it was like he couldn’t replay any cards he’s ever played before. When “Pharoahs” unfruled in the middle of the set, it was almost unrecognizable save for the Roses Gabor vocals. It was a complete re-edit, basically to the point that it was a new song. The rest of the older stuff was also spun in this fashion, but “Pharoahs” was at a ridiculous level of transformation.

This show was such a breath of fresh air after seeing two other major live electronic acts (Chromeo and Disclosure) play essentially identical sets multiple times in one year. Obviously taking the time off to write & re-tool was a genius move on Aaron Jerome’s part. This is exactly the type of thing I love to see from my favorite musicians and he really couldn’t have done a more complete job of creating a brand new live music experience. SBTRKT is now the gold standard for crafting fresh experiences with a live electronic show.

Rubblebucket and Landlady at Metro


[Photos by Jamie Condon]

Rubblebucket. The name alone reflects something that’s been broken into pieces, gathered together, and carried across a mythical land. While contained, these pieces of debris somehow fit together perfectly, yet when separated their structure is too ragged to make any sense whatsoever. Now mix in Halloween, one of the craziest holidays of the year, and things really start to get interesting…

The night began with the all male group, Landlady, dressed as lunch ladies for this special Halloween show. Their outfits consisted of both aprons and hairnets. They covered the creepy 1950’s hit “I Put a Spell on You” while they danced with their spatulas around the small Metro stage. Landlady captures a weird industrial texture with their sound. Band leader Adam Schatz delivers each of the group’s songs with enthusiasm, curiosity, and left field vocals. His bandmates threw hairnets into the crowd as an attempt to get their audience to participate in their costume, to which we happily obliged. This band was very inclusive in their presentation, asking the audience to clap along and move closer to the stage as the set progressed. Schatz then led an “always always always” group chant with members of Rubblebucket during “Above My Ground” to help us all get on the same level. But by the time the song was over, the whole group was crouched down on stage to signal the conclusion of Landlady’s set.


Luckily, it didn’t take long for the main act to take the stage. Rubblebucket opened with a whimsical “Silly Fathers” to get the crowd back in the groove of this Halloween celebration. They then went into “Sound of Erasing” off their newest album, Survival Sounds. This catchy tune moved from silver flutes to full force horns in a matter of seconds, giving a whole new meaning to phrase “blow your mind.” This type of change-up mid composition would seem insane for anyone who has never seen this lively act perform in person before, but it was a trick I have come to both expect and respect from this Brooklyn based ensemble. The fact that they can play with such agility night after night is remarkable and stains your memory.

The band continued to bust out new material from Survival Sounds as the night chugged along. “Shake Me Around” is a bit darker and heavier than most of Rubblebucket’s catalog, demonstrating that this is an act with few limitations. The tune ended with a duet by trumpet player Alex Toth and trombonist Adam Dotson, both dressed in drag singing into the same microphone like Prince’s very own backup singers. After another “always always always” sing along, “Rewind” bounced the room into the poppier side of Rubblebucket, with enough synth to mirror “Holiday” by Madonna. They then busted out confetti guns to make it rain tiny streams of tissue paper over their audience for the song’s dance party climax.


About half of the crowd dressed up for Halloween. My favorite costume was ‘Sharknado,’ although I had no clue what it was at the time. I have since watched this ridiculous movie and have crazy respect for anyone who tries to pull off that costume. After all, the concept is completely terrifying.

The Prince vs. Spider Man dance off was definitely the comedic highlight of the night. Half the band was dressed as Spider Man while lead vocalist Kalmia Traver donned Prince’s purple suit with a curly black wig. The band announced the dance off competition several weeks in advance so many members of the audience dressed as each character. They were all invited onto the Metro stage to bust out their best dance moves while Rubblebucket jammed out to Prince’s “I Wanna Be Your Lover.” The first Prince to throw down was probably the most entertaining with his bright red suit and eccentric dance moves. He ended up tying for first place with a she-Prince with a flashy sequence jacket. They all danced together on stage while the band jammed out and Traver inconspicuously stripped out of her purple Prince suit and proudly popped up in a Spider Man costume to finish the song. Tricky. Tricky.

Once the stage cleared of all the dance off contestants, Landlady (still dressed as lunch ladies) joined Rubblebucket for “Came Out of a Lady.” This is the song this band usually pulls out all the stops for and just like clockwork, a colorful parachute began to cover the crowd, Alex Toth mounted a man dressed as a police officer, together they ran under the parachute and through the crowd while Toth erratically played his trumpet. From the stage, Kalmia encouraged the audience to put their hands up and clap along. Little did we know this was just another Halloween trick they whipped up so the lunch ladies could crowd surf off the stage, spatulas in hand. It was pure insanity but the chaos eventually calmed and Traver shared with us that this was the longest tour Rubblebucket has ever done just before jumping into a song about the monotony of life: “Carousel Ride.” The irony runs deep, but it didn’t go unnoticed, especially at this Halloween show.


By the encore it was clear that this show was full blown weird, even for Rubblebucket. Traver covered herself with a long white fringed shawl and covered her head with a bucket that had the word “RUBBLE” written across it. (see photo below) The group concluded their setlist with the electro indie song “Save Charlie” that was complemented by a balloon release over the crowd. In keeping with tradition, the show ended with Rubblebucket’s horn section hopping off the stage and parading through the audience as if it were Mardi Gras. The crowd followed them around the main room of the venue until they blew their way down the stairs to the Metro store where they signed CD’s, shook hands, and kissed giant men dressed as babies.




This Must Be The Band at Martyrs’

[Words by Matt Dusza | Photos by Ashley Marie Downing]

It’s a strange thing for your favorite band to be a cover band. It’s even stranger to think they could execute songs even better than the original artists and turn them into something special. That’s exactly what Chicago-based Talking Heads tribute band This Must Be The Band has done. Now after 7 years, hundreds of shows, and dozens of band members later, there may not be any more Heads, but there’s plenty to talk about.


I had the pleasure of taking part in the band’s final shows at Martyrs’ in mid October. Many have wondered why the final shows took place in such a small venue when the band has hit the level of local fame that they have. I mean, let’s face it, this band could have sold out a much larger venue. While TMBTB has headlined many Chicago summer street festivals and have even opened for prominent jamband mainstay Umphrey’s McGee, but Martyrs is a venue deeply seeded in the roots of TMBTB. After all, this is where the band was born. Frontman and possible illegal David Byrne clone Charles Otto and backup singer/lead female vocals Kasey Foster were both employees at the venue when they first met and started the band. Their first shows were played there as well. With so much of the history of the band belonging to the venue, it should only be fitting that this is where they bring it all home.

I attended all the three nights of the final TMBTB run and each night had a distinct vibe from both the band and the audience. It was originally billed as a two night run, but the overwhelming demand for tickets caused the Friday and Saturday shows to sell out within hours of going on sale. The band then added a third show on Thursday night for anyone unable to get tickets for the other nights. With it being a show on a weeknight that did not start until 10pm, it was noticeable around the band’s set break that a sizable portion of the crowd would have to leave soon, least they show up to their jobs Friday morning looking like the most haggard of wooks. The band acknowledged that fact by busting out the hits early and often. “Psycho Killer,” “Burning Down the House,” “Take Me to the River,” and many more of Talking Heads’ biggest hits we’re played before many even had a chance to loosen up. But it left the band with only the hardcore fans to close out the night with whatever deep cuts the crowd could shout at them, and those that remained were treated some serious ragers, along with some heartfelt words of gratitude from members of the band, many who haven’t actually played with the band in years.

That was the first noticeable difference in these weekend shows. TMBTB has had dozens upon dozens of members over the years and plenty more musicians have sat in with them from time to time. They decided to invite anyone who ever played with them in the past to join them on stage one last time. In an ironic twist where the crowd would usually scream out requests, the guest got a chance to choose which song they would like to relive with his or her old bandmates. It made for some great moments of on-stage banter and many smiles were exchanged between musicians who haven’t made music with each other in years. It was clear that these were more than just three shows before TMBTB called it quits. My personal favorite was the singing cab driver who provided the vocals for “Stay Up Late” quipping that he’s singing the only popular song in music to have the words “tiny peepee”.

On Friday night the spontaneity of this group was at its highest. The night’s opening band Genome joined TMBTB on stage to add some horns to the mix. They were also able to live out the rock and roll fantasy of crowd surfing and playing on top of tables. More and more sit ins and guest appearances kept the stage presence unique and varied all night. They even pulled the curtain back on the lives of the band members with Charlie plugging all their individual current musical projects. It’s obvious Otto has a desire to make sure the local music scene in Chicago remains active. The night brought one final magic moment in where Charlie proposed to Kasey, his longtime bandmate and girlfriend in front of their most devoted fans. As I said before, these last shows had to take place at Martyrs’ in order for them to be as special as they were.

With guests and announcements being the primary focus of Friday night, Saturday’s final show was for the fans. Before Talking Heads music started, most of TMBTB opened the night with their original band, Grood. With their spacey, ethereal sound, the early crowd got into a nice groove before the band segued into Talking Heads’ signature weird with a punch of funk. The influence that the Heads’ music has made on Grood was never more apparent than when they were playing their own original songs. During the set break, as they set up for what would be the final This Must Be the Band show, a projector screen dropped down to cover the stage showing a slideshow of personal photos taken by the band over the years from both previous performances and tour memories. All of this made it very apparent that the band really did consider their fans to be friends and part of their history.

The band returned to the inclusive “yell out a song and we’ll play it if we hear you” way of creating the night’s setlist. The frenzied crowd danced all night long, with the only sit-in of the night being Martyrs’ owner Ray Quinn playing jazz flute (with full hammy Ron Burgandy stage banter). But this was not only special moment… During “Girlfriend is Better” four different fans dressed in the iconic “Big Guy Suit” got on stage for a crowd-judged “David Byrne Dance Off” where each suit had to do their best David Byrne dance move. Both the crowd and the band definitely fed off the energy of this impromptu contest as we were all thoroughly entertained by what was happening on stage. As the night was drawing ever closer to its 2:30am curfew, it was starting to hit everyone that this was it. TMBTB waited until the final minutes to say some last words of love and gratitude to the fans. They then closed out with the song that gave them their name: “This Must Be The Place.” Already an incredibly emotional song, everyone in the building, band and crowd alike, was united in a moment of pure appreciation for what one has given to the other.

It was a fantastic weekend that I will not forget, but it was also bittersweet. An era is over for Chicago for there will no longer be a constant guarantee of a fun night with my best friends seeing our favorite band. I have often thought that if Talking Heads were to ever reunite, I would spend any amount of money to make sure I was at the reunion show. But now, after seeing This Must Be the Band for so many years, watching them grow from covering songs note for note to putting their own unique twist on the sound, I wonder if a reunion show would be able to live up to the experience I’ve seen this cover band execute so flawlessly. And it’s in that moment where I realized that TMBTB needed to end because, as Charles Otto explained, at some point the music starts to make too much sense.